D'hoore repeats success at Madrid

Monday, September 11th

Jolien D'hoore (Wiggle High5) won the Madrid Challenge by La Vuelta for the second time on Sunday. The Belgian national champion dominated the bunch gallop in front of Plaza Cibeles ahead of Coryn... Read more


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WNT is a company that manufactures precision metal cutting tools. The formula for achieving the highest level of client satisfaction is:


WNT is the ideal purchase option for machining companies thanks to its wide range of products, it excellent service provision and the high quality of its products. WNT’s main headquarters are in Germany, and it is present in 19 other countries also. It is part of the CERATIZIT group, with 6000 employees and 24 manufacturing plants worldwide.

Machining companies trust WNT-CERATIZIT for the provision of metal cutting tools that they use in their manufacturing processes because they obtain maximum productivity values, continuous training for their operators and advanced technical assistance thanks to the perfect combination of innovation in the CERATIZIT group centres, the WNT sales department’s commercial character and its focus on the client as well as the know-how of the Technical Centres, such as the one located in Boadilla del Monte (Madrid).

All WNT employees constitute a perfectly coordinated team that offers the best tools combined with ample technical knowledge and excellent customer service in order to guarantee maximum client satisfaction. Besides our particular ability to empathise with client needs, our fighting spirit is one of our team’s most outstanding characteristics.

Why women’s cycling?

Everything started when one day, a WNT United Kingdom client by the name of Sam Burman, a huge cycling and motorcycling fan, approached the company regarding the possibility of becoming a sponsor. This petition immediately provoked huge interest. And that is how the women’s cycling WNT Team was born. What began as an amateur team, has progressed over time until finally joining the professional circuit. For WNT, the cycling team is part of the company and its riders are employees just like the others.

WNT considers cycling to be the perfect means through which to communicate the brand’s values, fighting spirit, sportsmanship and family unity.

On a national level, the team has participated in the thirtieth edition of the Emakumeen Bira.

The completion of cycling events, besides creating relationships with the clients, also attracts companies who manufacture bicycles and who require WNT tools for their manufacturing processes. Good examples of this are companies such as HOPE and ROTOR. It is, therefore, very logical for WNT to establish sponsorship agreements within the cycling community.




Cycling is one of the sports to which, Tissot, the number one Swiss traditional watchmaker in terms of volume and a member of Swatch Group – The world’s largest watch producer and distributor – is most committed. It has been sponsor of cycling events for over 50 years, including for the Tour from 1988 to 1992. Proud of its Swiss origins, Tissot further enhances its commitment by its association to the International Cycling Union (UCI) in 1995. These sponsorships are a mean for Tissot to attract a wide audience of people who xan associate themselves with this sport based on endurance ans achievement.
Further to this partnership, Tissot becomes Official Timekeeper and Sponsor of the World Championships of road, track, mountain bike, BMX, and the world cup classics track series as well as the mountain bike World Cup. Today, Tissot is proud to be back as official Timekeeper of the Tour de France and the Vuelta, two of the most prestigious road cycling events in the world.




A technical tour de force driven by dimensión Data. The digital era outstrips every preceding age tenfold. It is an era for greatness. Technology and data jomd the key to transforming your business in ways that we have barely begun to define. Dimension Data helps you make the most of technological transformation to achieve great thingds in the digital era.
Un leash the power of data thanks to digital infrastructures, react more quickly and smartly with hybrid cloud, improuve your staff and client experience with workspaces of tomorrow, and reduce risk with cybersecurity storage.
Dimension data is your technologival partner, wherever you are and at every stage of your technologiczl journey.
We bring your ambition to life




The ElPozo BienStar products, the brand that specialises in ElPozo Alimentación health, are ideal for people who care about their diets. With an optimum nutritional profile, they are particularly recommended for those who need to reduce their fat and salt intake and, in general, for the entire family so they all can enjoy a healthy and balanced lifestyle, without sacrificing taste.
Their high protein content, which favours the increase and conservation of muscle mass, make them especially beneficial for physical exercise.
ElPozo BienStar is the healthy meat product brand most Spanish households choose. This line of products advances in ElPozo Alimentación’s objective of responding to consumer demands, as they are increasingly more concerned and aware of including value added products into their diets to improve their quality of life.




« Everything can and will be made better » - Jim Jannard, fondateur d'Oakley.

In 1975, a crazy scientist by the name of Jim Jannard began to wonder about the limits of industry standards. He created a company based on a simple premise: to create products that were more attractive and more functional than those that existed in the market up until that time. For Oakley, who has earned the reputation of pushing the boundaries of conventional thinking, its commitment to innovation has become a true obsession. The technology behind Oakley products, a combination of art and science, has earned more than 800 patents worldwide.

1. Our culture is what differentiates our brand.
2. As a cultural leader in design, technology and experiences, we create a unique point of view for the world.
3. 100% of the design and engineering that goes into our sunglasses takes place in the United States.
4. Oakley is much more than just sunglasses.




Santini Cycling Wear, over half a century of cycling history. A story of emotion, challenges and continuous innovation in designing technical clothing with athletes and for athletes. In-depth knowledge provided by a team of designers with a deep-rooted passion for the world of cycling. The aim? To offer unparalleled performance excellence and deliver on each of the four Santini promises with each new product: Fit, Performance, Comfort and Durability.


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